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RES 15-2020 – Municipal Greenhouse Gas Resolution – Draft Final

On January 5, the Mount Rainier City Council passed Resolution 15-2020: Municipal Greenhouse Gas Resolution. This resolution, initially drafted through the Green Team is based on the analysis finished in 2017 to analyze the City’s Municipal Carbon Footprint. The resolution commits the City of Mount Rainier to phase out carbon emissions from city operations by 2030 and offset any which it cannot. The resolution also commits city staff to put together an action plan on how to make this happen and to report to the City Council annually on progress.

If you would like to participate in a Green Team work plan to collaborative build the action plan and monitor progress contact the Green Team.

You read a draft-final version of the resolution here.

Municipal Carbon Footprint Report City of Mount Rainier

Nick Ryugo (Chesapeake Conservation Corps/Sustainable Maryland) worked with The Green Team to examine the Government of the City of Mount Rainier’s carbon footprint. This was the second assessment of the city’s municipal carbon footprint. You can read the report here – Carbon Footprint Report

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