Fall Clean Ups!

The Mount Rainier Green Team represented at two clean up events this past month! First, we did some work at the 37th Street Park. This included cutting down invasive plants... Weeding the native pollinators garden... And mulching the young edible forest trees planted last spring. Second, the Green Team helped out at the Mount Rainier …

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Green Team Explores New Composting Program

What is compost?  Compost is simply decayed organic matter, and it’s great for rich, garden soil. Most of the items we throw away can be used for backyard compost, including fruit and vegetable scraps, yard waste, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags, newspaper, cardboard, and even dryer lint. The brand-new Prince George’s County Composting Facility can …

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Stop by the Green Team meeting 7/8

The Green Team is hosting its monthly meeting on Monday, 7/8 at City Hall from 7-9 PM.  We will be talking about composting, bicycle facility upgrades, mosquito control and our parks. You can also send us a message if you are interested in learning more, but cannot make the meeting