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Mount Rainier Diabetes Self-Management Program

Who Should Register?

Anyone with, DIABETES, PREDIABETES, BORDERLINE, or JUST SUGAR is urged to attend. Caregivers and relatives of patients and friends are encouraged to attend too. The Program will not conflict with your current treatment plan. With up to date information, tried and tested tools, practice and support, patients can benefit immensely. With regular attendance and commitment to the process, you will experience life changes.

Workshop Format: MEETS WEEKLY ON THURSDAYS FOR, 2 ½ hours, Personal Benefits to Participants:

  • Manage symptoms
  • Promote positive outcomes
  • Improve strength and endurance
  • Promote healthy lifestyle of through exercise, nutrition and stress reduction
  • Practice the use of action plans that work to live healthy productive lives
  • Textbook for reference purposes and Certificate of Completion

To register and learn more about class topics, please call Linda Nunes-Schrag, Living Well Program Coordinator, at 301-248-0039 and Michelle Whitmire 301-985-6590 ext.240 and leave your name and phone number.  

Mount Rainier Rain Barrel SALE Event

Until September 10, 2018, the City of Mount Rainier and the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment are offering discounted 50-gallon rain barrels. Barrels cost $67.50. This discounted rate is only available through Sept 10, 2018.

Order your rain barrel at and take it home on Saturday, September 15 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Mount Rainier Public Works, 3715 Wells Avenue, Mount Rainier MD 20712.

Prince George’s County residents can apply for a Rain Check rebate, off-setting most of the cost! After the Rain Check Rebate, your only cost is for the gutter attachment! (

To learn more, please contact Rocio Latorre at 301-985-6583 or

Another bonus, on September 15 starting at 9:00 a.m. – the City of Mount Rainier and the City of Mount Rainier Green Team are hosting an E-Waste and Polystyrene Drop Off ( so you can drop off your waste, and take home your rain barrel on the same day.

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